Event: Innovative collaborations for social change

An exploration of trends & models that are changing the world  With Tonya Surman

On the 22nd of  September, 2010 a world renowned collaborator, innovator and facilitator will be visiting Sydney, Australia to share her wisdom.

Goal: to raise the level of conversation about how innovative ways to collaborate are changing the way we do social innovation.

Description: In this 3 hour highly interactive workshop Tonya Surman will explain why everything that you thought you knew about collaboration is changing, what some of the big trends shaping the future look like and how these changes are going to impact the practice of social innovation. Building on her own experience and insight, and working with the experience and current challenges that participants will bring to the workshop, Tonya will:

+ provide a high level overview of the innovative ‘constellation collaboration model’ and how it is creating significant social outcome

+ explore how networks, “crowds” and citizen engagement are redefining constituency and what it means to build movements

+ explain how shared physical spaces are an integral part of the mix that creates conditions for social innovation to happen

What do these models have in common? What is the essence of the new collaboration? How can we better harness the new collaborative innovation models to improve social innovation for a better world?

This workshop invites you to bring your own collaboration challenges and experiences to a group learning space as we co-create a more robust tool kit for innovative collaborations.
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The Living Principles | Creative Action for Collective Good

Found this the other day on Dave’s Tumblr have and shared it here with his permission:

It’s happening everywhere, we are all finally realising that we each have the power to change the world for good. It’s so great to keep stumbling upon evidence of this, whether it’s local events in your street or online communities and conversations like The Living Principles – it keeps the eternal optimist in me keeps cheering on louder than ever.

“Every day, our world gets a little bit smaller and a lot more complex. So much so that even minor decisions can have major consequences. And not just for trees or frogs or polar bears, but for human lives. And livelihoods.

At its core, sustainability is about people. It’s the Golden Rule applied to the global marketplace. Empathy writ large—in hundreds of languages. Prosperity redefined.

As designers, we can do a lot. But first, we need to understand what and who is at stake. The Living Principles distill the collective wisdom found in decades of sustainability theories and bring them to life in an integrated framework that helps us think our way through the issues so we can start designing a brighter future.”

Source: Digital Eskimo Tumblr (reproduced with permission)

News: Canberra 2030 – Time to Talk

Just noted this from Jon Stanhope in ACT:

The ACT Government has embarked on an in-depth conversation with the Canberra community about the kind of city we want to live in by 2030.

Canberra 2030 – Time to Talk, will seek to involve as many Canberrans as possible, using an array of consultation methods ranging from seminars and surveys to online blogs and other forms of social media.

“The focus of the conversation will be on urban form in all its facets – population, sustainable transport, addressing climate change, housing, planning and open space – and the challenges we will collectively confront as we build a better city for the future,” Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said today.

“And we are serious about engaging as many Canberrans as possible in this ambitious conversation. We don’t want to simply hear the views of the ‘usual suspects’. We want to hear from Canberrans from across the social spectrum, to find out what they value about our city, and what they would like to see Canberra become by the year 2030.”

The jumping off point for discussion over the coming months will be 10 themes – Population, Water, Canberra Homes, Getting Around, Land Use and Planning, Liveability and Wellbeing, City Form, Environmental Sustainability, Living in the Nation’s Capital, and the ultimate question: ‘Who Pays’?.

Check out more information and get involved at www.canberra2030.org.au

Social Innovation BarCamp next steps #sibsyd

Saturday 14 August was the inaugural BarCamp discussing Social Innovation in Sydney. An interesting and diverse range of people participated in conversation and activity throughout the day.

We started with Bob Carr, asking him to share his ideas about sustainability and to discuss what he was passionate about. As many people mentioned after his session, it was fascinating to hear him talk of his experience of change from the highest levels of government down.

After this participants connected on various topics, including slow projects, myths of social innovation, impact of social innovation in the public sector, and using your voice to increase engagement and influence.

Next step after all this talk is undertake some action. To help us get started on this we need some feedback from you.

  • What common themes recurred throughout the day?
  • What did you think?
  • What do you want more of?
  • Can you help us fill the slots/join the dots on the run down of the day?
  • What should we do next?
  • Should we run a similar event again? When?

Event: Social Enterprise – Profits for Purpose #sibsyd

Just letting you know about this event hosted by Extra Curricular Network Australia (ECNA)

What: 2010 Professional Development function, Social Enterprise: Profits for Purpose

When: Tuesday Aug 24th – 2010 – 6pm

Where: Copland Theather, Economic and Commerce Building, University of Melbourne, Melbourne VIC

Details: The Extra Curricular Network Australia (ECNA) are organising the 2010 Professional Development function, Social Enterprise: Profits for Purpose, a Social Enterprise forum aiming to:
Explain the concept of Social Enterprise, how they differ to other not-for-profit models and to outline their competitive advantages

Raise awareness about social projects currently undertaken by organisations using the Social Enterprise model
Outline the benefits to companies as well as young individuals of being involved in social enterprises
Offer opportunities and pathways for young individuals to get involved in Social Enterprises today as well as in the future

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Event: Entrepreneurship, social inclusion and pathways out of disadvantage #sibsyd

Just letting you know about this event hosted by STARTTS (NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors).

What: Entrepreneurship, social inclusion and pathways out of disadvantage

When: Tuesday August 31st – 2010

Where: 152-158 Horsley Drive, Carramar, NSW

Details: Entrepreneurship, social inclusion and pathways out of disadvantage a one day seminar by Dr Ernesto Sirolli, founder of the Sirolli Instituteand author of Ripples From the Zambezi, a chronological history of Enterprise Facilitation, Ernesto Sirolli engages audiences with his profound message of hope. The Sirolli Institute is dedicated to teaching civic leaders how to effectively transform individual passion and community activism into rewarding and sustainable local businesses. Hosted by STARTTS (NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors).

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