Twitter Equality Forum Thursday 29 September 20:00 – 21:00 #Equality

Everyone is invited to join in the  Twitter Forum on Equality this coming Thursday 29 September 2011 at 8pm Sydney time.

Joining in will be The Honorable Kristina Keneally, Australian Marriage Equality, Sydney Star Observer, Twenty10, SameSame and YouTube Celebrity Drag Muppet Queen Miss Left Titter.

A wide range of topics will be discussed including: Raising Awareness, Why the Marriage Act needs to change, important milestones and dates, alternatives to same-sex marriage and asking people to share their experiences with us.

The Hashtag for the evening will be #Equality

You can RSVP on Facebook and share this with your friends and community.


Can you go Sober in October?

Every year the average Australian adult drinks 9.95 Litres of pure alcohol. That equates to 48 stubbies of beer, 9 bottles of wine or 10 bottles of champagne every month (Figures: The Australian Bureau of Statistics).

Last week Social Innovation Sydney attended the launch of Ocsober.

Ocsober is a fundraising initiative that encourages people to give up alcohol for the month of October. It’s message is not about abstinence but instead an opportunity to highlight the growing danger of binge drinking and alcohol abuse, particularly among young Australian’s.  It’s also an opportunity for participants to enjoy the benefits of better health and the opportunity to wake up with a clear head. Sign up here 

At the launch, Ocsober ambassadors such as Michelle Bridges from the Biggest Loser talked about the importance of such initatives in giving people a chance to change their habits and understand the day-to-day impact that these lifestyle choices were having.

We all made “mocktails” as a refreshing alternative to our usual alcohol filled cocktails.

Recommendations: the mocktails where the fruit is muddled (to combine ingredients, usually in the bottom of a mixing glass, by pressing them with a muddler, before adding the majority of the ingredients). Michelle Bridges created a low calorie Mocktail that you can find here

The money raised goes to Life Education, who many of us were introduced to by Healthy Harold at school.

Life Education is the largest non-government provider of health education to children and young people in schools Australia wide.

The Life Education mission is to empower children and young people to make informed choices for a safe and healthy life. In 2010, the Life Education program was shown to 3,200 schools and made available to 610,000 students in their care.  Operating since 1979, in excess of 4 million students have participated in the program over the past 32 years.

Social Innovation Sydney are proud to support this initiative in educating people on the effects of alcohol, allowing people to feel empowered to make choices that are best for them and their health.

For all the details check the Ocsober website here



What is the NCIE?

Social Innovation Sydney are very proud and excited to be partnering with The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence for the next Unconference, on the 29th of October.

What is the NCIE? And what is their role in building Indigenous Excellence and Innovation in our community?

The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence

The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) works with its Pathway Partners to build brighter futures for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians by cultivating talent and creating opportunities.

The NCIE is an Indigenous led social enterprise developing a new model for positive social change. Informed by Indigenous Innovation, a uniquely Indigenous approach to social innovation, the NCIE is having a significant impact on the well-being of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and their communities. In its first year close to 7500 young people, 5000 of them Indigenous, visited the Centre to participate in its programs.

Trading for a social purpose, the Centre is creating novel forms of commercial and community collaboration. The NCIE develops effective and mutually beneficial Pathway Partnerships to deliver life-changing Pathway Programs
on-site and throughout Australia. The NCIE also utilises its culturally infused state-of-the-art facilities (campus, conferencing centre, sports centre and sports field) to provide world-class services to the wider Australian public and to generate a sustainable income.

The social innovation surrounding the Centre and its work is informed by Indigenous knowledge and perspectives on social change. The NCIE’s approach is a deliberate attempt to move away from conventional deficit language and to develop an assets-based approach to excellence. The Centre is a developing model of Indigenous Innovation and of ’what works’.

Located in the heart of Redfern, the NCIE is a place for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians from across the country to participate in programs in the pathways of arts and culture, health and wellness, learning and innovation and sport and recreation. The Centre hosts and facilitates programs for young people to support them in achieving aspirations and reaching their potential.

Event Details
What: Indigenous Innovation Unconference
Where: National Centre of Indigenous Excellence, 180 George St, Redfern, NSW 2016.
When: Saturday, 29th October 2011, 10am – 4pm
Who: People in or interested in the Indigenous Sector and Social Innovation Sector
Why: To develop and progress ideas and action on Indigenous Innovation
Designed by: National Centre of Indigenous Excellence & Social Innovation Sydney

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Find out more about the NCIE:


Talking Sydney – Social Innovation Unconference 12 Nov 2011

Talking Sydney:

Sydney is a dynamic city. It is diverse in cultures, rich in natural beauty and growing at a fast pace.

This growth presents as many opportunities as it does problems around providing servcies such as transport, energy and water as well as access to housing, education, food and medical care.

Join Social Innovation Sydney at the Unconference to explore the opportunities presented in our growing city.

More details to come.

Also, please note that the location may change, waiting on confirmation of a new and exciting venue.

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Indigenous Innovation Unconference 29th October, 2011

Register Now for SIBSYDAnnouncing the Indigenous Innovation Unconference
Presented by: The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence and
Social Innovation Sydney 

Social Innovation Sydney is proud to announce an Unconference in partnership with The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence.

The Indigenous Innovation Unconference will be a gathering of thought leaders and changemakers in the Indigenous Sector and the Social Innovation Sector who will explore:

– the role of Indigenous perspectives, knowledge and culture in social innovation,

– the notion of Indigenous Innovation, a unique form of social innovation led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and informed by Indigenous knowledge and perspectives and,

– the potential for socially innovative concepts, practices, relationships and enterprises to influence Indigenous enterprises and communities.

The idea of the Unconference is to facilitate a space for connections and collaboration between the Indigenous Sector and the Social Innovation Sector to foster the development of new innovative partnerships that have a positive social impact and empower people and enterprises to build a brighter future for all Australians.

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Community tells SIBSYD what it’s after.

1 year old – you’ve told us what you’re after.

Back in August, Social Innovation Sydney ran its 5th Unconference. A year since our first, through our keynote and lightning talks we covered the topic areas of Emergency response, Indigenous innovation, mental health, art & culture, collaborative consumption, sustainability & food.

Coming up we’ll be more focused on building eco-systems around these areas.
Wordle = 3-5 topics the crowd are most passionate about

what the social innovation sydney crowd is interested in

So what are you most passionate about? What resonates most?

We’d love to have you along to build the community and be the changemakers of Sydney.

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