Applications open for School for Social Entrepreneurs Incubator Program

Applications are now open for the SSE Incubator Program beginning March 2012!

The Program schedule is slightly different next year, making it more accessible to people outside of Sydney and Melbourne.

If you are already in action around your idea and feel ready to accelerate, go to their website: and complete the Application form.

Or, if you are exploring your idea and have questions about our Incubator Program, go to their website: and complete the Expression of Interest form.

In Sydney SSE will hold two information sessions on Tuesday 6 December 2011.

Click here to attend 12:30pm – 2:00pm session


Click here to attend 5:30pm – 7pm session.


Bystanding to Action Leadership Workshop in December 15 & 16

A good friend and supporter of Social Innovation Sydney, Soren Harner, recently let us know about a new workshop he’s running and we thought it might be of interest to others:

“I emailed you in August about a new leadership workshop I’ve been working on with Peter Rennie and many others around Australia.  I run the workshop with Peter in Sydney, and Peter has partners in many other locations.

This workshop teaches leaders powerful techniques around engaging people in an organisation and increasing the levels of awareness.  At its core, it promotes group learning and partnership as the mindset for bringing about system change.

It is a practical workshop in which you spend most of the time experiencing and participating, yet it is also well-grounded in theory.  Both attending and subsequently partnering with Peter on this workshop has helped me tremendously as both an organisational leader and social change agent.

We practice what we teach and the workshop has gotten better each time:

Please join us if you can on December 15 & 16.  If you know of any others, please forward them on the link to the website.  You can now register straight on the website:  There are group, pension and student discounts as well.


Creating a social enterprise incubator

Following are some thoughts after attending the recent forum in Melbourne, hosted by Donkey Wheel House,  on creating a social enterprise incubator. However, with our Talking Sydney Unconference on this past weekend it’s the first chance I’ve had to post my thoughts.

At 4.30 am Monday I was seriously questioning my sanity as I got out of bed for the early flight to Melbourne. I am so glad I made the effort.

The Donkey Wheel House team had pulled together a great bunch of engaged individuals from across the spectrum of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship communities in Melbourne to discuss some of the big issues around developing a Social Enterprise Incubator (or whatever the appropriate vehicle is) in Melbourne.

We were in the underground meeting rooms all day – a great metaphor for ‘planting seeds’ to develop something good. There were large group and small group sessions and discussions around what Social Enterprise is, how it can be encouraged and supported and what this support would look like. Five things that came up in the conversations that struck a chord with me were:

  1. A need to develop more and easier models for measuring impact of Social Enterprise.
  2. Big idea! – Create a Social Stock Exchange along with other sources of sustained funding for social enterprise startups. This needs to last long enough to get the enterprise going.
  3. More case studies – both success and failure in social enterprise ecosystem are needed.
  4. A social enterprise incubator should create community, provide support and deliver education.
  5. Social Enterprise happens at all scales so there is no one size fits all model.

So what can we do to support this great initiative?

I think we can help immediately by starting to develop some case studies. I’m willing to write them if any of you would like to participate. Please add a comment below if you’d like to help with that.

We can continue to develop the ecosystem here in Sydney and feed back what works.

We can interact with and earn from what is happening in Melbourne.

TACSI launches new campaign, #solved

We’re really please to announce that the Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) has just launched a new campaign, Solved, which is searching nationwide to find social solutions that work.

As Sarah Stokely explained it to us:

Why Solved? Sometimes when tackling social challenges, we focus too much on searching for new ideas or solutions, and overlook things that are already working. Maybe you set up a scheme to help local kids eat a healthy breakfast in Broome, and someone in Newcastle is searching for a way to do just that. By sharing what works on the Solved map, we hope these solutions can help more people across Australia.

Big or small, it doesn’t matter. It can be something done by an organisation, or one person. My dad did a lot of work to help build a Men’s Shed in Sheffield, Tasmania to create a place for men to get together, and overcome loneliness, social isolation and depression. The work my dad did, and the impact it’s having on people in his town, is what inspired me to create Solved.

Solutions to social problems are worth celebrating and worth sharing. It’s a great opportunity for people or organisations doing good stuff to let people know about it – or to give a shoutout to their favourite local solution.

How you can help: The number one thing you can do is to notify your network of social changemakers about Solved, and encourage them to add their solutions to the map. If you’re sending out a newsletter, we would appreciate it if you’d include a brief plug for Solved! The campaign is running until December 16, but the sooner you can let people know, the better.

We would also love it if you would follow Solved on Twitter and Facebook, and help your followers there discover Solved.

You can do this by:

Following @SolvedAustralia on Twitter.

Retweet the following: RT @SolvedAustralia: #solved is an Australia-wide search for social solutions that work. Seen or done something that’s helping? Tell us about it:

Like the Solved in Australia page on Facebook.

Thanks for reading. We’d really appreciate it if you’d pass on this email to your networks across Australia. We look forward to unearthing social solutions that work with you.

Nov 12 ‘Talking Sydney’ Unconference

3 more Speakers Announced: “Talking Sydney” Unconference Saturday 12th of November

Social Innovation Sydney will be tackling the big issues at the Talking Sydney Unconference on Saturday the 12th of November.
Venue: Barangaroo site office, Level 21, AON/Maritime Trade Towers, 201 Kent St, Sydney

Keynote speaker: Mark Stickdorn, author of This is Service Design.

Lightning Talks
Max Moldovan – 
Research Scientist at AIHI-UNSW, Research Analyst and Director at Supremum Consulting (health)
Mattieu Gallois – Art and Architecture (housing)
Clr Andrew Wilson, Liberal member for Parramatta, Treasurer of WSROC (food)

Social Innovation Sydney Event


Dr Max Moldovan, Research Scientist at AIHI-UNSW, Research Analyst and Director at Supremum Consulting.

Max Moldovan is a research scientist working for the Australian Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI), University of New South Wales. He is currently involved in the several research projects dedicated to improvement of quality and safety of national and international healthcare systems and finding the genetic basis for responsiveness to medical treatments, e.g. in the context of multiple sclerosis.

Max belongs to the new generation of cross-disciplinary scientists who bring fresh innovative vision to often dogmatic and functionally static research fields. After completing his PhD in the University of Melbourne, Max moved to the Walther and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research where he worked as a leading analyst in the international research team and co-authored several genetic discoveries. The outcome of the hepatitis C virus research eventually led to the development of the effective diagnostic procedure, and is currently one of only few genetic discoveries that actually found the way to clinical practice. Max has also co-authored the discovery related to neurogenomics of opiate addiction and maintains active interests in this emerging research stream.

After joining the AIHI in 2010, Max devoted substantial effort to the analysis of national and international healthcare systems. Just recently he proposed the concept of organisational vitality and applied it to the broad analysis of 44 healthcare accreditation organisations operating in 38 countries. This has in part contributed to the decision made by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) to allocate the international healthcare accreditation organisations database in the University of New South Wales.


Mathieu Gallois has degrees in both fine arts (MA) and architecture (BA). Since 1997, his practice has entailed some 50 national and international art exhibitions, many site and context specific works (that sit somewhere art and architecture) and speculative collaborative ‘activist’ propositions such as and Mathieu has received major grants from the Australia Council and has been selected for numerous national art awards, receiving high commendations and popular choice awards for his entries. He is a Samstag Scholar. His practice is documented on his web site:

Clr Andrew Wilson, Liberal member of Parramatta, elected Deputy Mayor, Treasurer of WSROC (food)

WSROC has long campaigned on the importance of recognising and preserving Sydney’s peri-urban agricultural lands and calling for a balanced and integrated land use strategy so that we don’t lose all our farmland piece by piece

Key points of Andrew’s comments include:

  • Role of councils in managing issues surrounding peri-urban agriculture
  • Competing land use demands and policies
  • Health issues
  • Food affordability and nutrition awareness among lower socio-economic groups
  • Community engagement  – Buying and selling local
  • Agriculture as a key driver of the WS economy
  •  Impact of Carbon tax on food pricing

And our keynote speaker:
Marc Stickdorn
Service Design Lecturer & Consultant, Management Center Innsbruck, AustriaMarc graduated with distinction in Strategic Management and Marketing and worked in various tourism innovation projects throughout Europe. Since 2008 Marc is full-time staff at the MCI – Management Center Innsbruck in Austria, where he lectures service design and innovation.

His research involves the development of the mobile ethnography app myServiceFellow, the Customer Journey Canvas and various publications. Currently, he leads an international research project funded by the European Union on mobile ethnography for service innovation in tourism destinations. Marc is co-founder of Destinable, associate of DesignThinkers and guest lecturer at various international universities. He is editor and co-author of the multi-award winning textbook “This is Service Design Thinking”.


What: Talking Sydney Unconference

When: Saturday, 12th Nov 2011, 10am – 4pm
Where: Level 21, AON/Maritime Trade Towers, 201 Kent St, Sydney, 2000 map
Who: People interested in or involved in design & social innovation
Why: To explore applying design practice to key problems in Sydney
Register here

Speakers Announced: Talking Sydney Unconference

Sydney constantly ranks amongst the top cities in the world to visit. What about for those of us who live here?

Social Innovation Sydney will be tackling the big issues at the Talking Sydney Unconference on Saturday 12 November 2011.

Keynote speaker: Mark Stickdorn, author of This is Service Design.

Lightning Talks
Christophe Tallec, co-founder of Uinfoshare (Transport)
Dr Dedee Woodside, WWF-Australia Board of Directors (Water & Energy)
Gareth Johnston, Co-Founder Future Ready P/L, MD Live Local Foundation (Work and Community)

More to come….

for the Talking Sydney Unconference.

Christophe Tallec, co-founder of Uinfoshare (Transport) both an innovative service design provider and a consultant, which gives users the opportunity to take an active role in their services by any means, product and service system. This desire to explore information asymmetry is driven by the specific innovation potential that design allows in service on “ecosystemic” scales, in order to tackle complex issues.

As a service designer, he has been a reporter and a consultant for design promotion organisms, companies and think tanks for the past five years. He is currently consulting in various project for clients such at the FING – project « innovations democratTIC » and part of the ENSAD team for the European Union research funded project “interconnectivity through infoconnectivity” of the International
for Information Design.

As a service design promotion activist, he is boardmember of the 2011-2012 board for Service Design Network French Chapter and co-organizer of the Service Design Drinks Paris

Dr Dedee Woodside, Board of Directors Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority
 Dedee also serves on the WWF-Australia Board of Directors, the Invasive Animal Cooperative Research Centre and the Federal Ministerial Advisory Council for Animal Welfare (AAWSAC) . She is the Director of a private conservation property in the Barrington Tops area of NSW and is Director of a consulting company, working primarily in developing countries and in the Australian rural and resource sectors.

Originally from Canada, Dedee came to Australia to study her PhD in Zoology and Ecology at the Australian National University. She has undergraduate degrees from Canadian Universities and also has graduate certificates in change management and facilitation. Her professional passions include engaging with communities to conserve biodiversity and help them improve their management of natural resources, while reaping  the benefits at a local scale. She applies these interests to her work in developing countries, and rural and indigenous communities. Her work has given her experience in over 30 countries.

Dedee is highly experienced in senior leadership positions including serving in senior roles in government, management of zoos, management of international training institutes for the environment and wildlife management, working with AID agencies, international governing boards of conservation organisations, water resource companies, rural commodities and private business.

One of her favourite roles (after motherhood) is serving as a long term mentor, advisor and advocate for sanctuaries in Africa, including mountain gorilla programs, and the Ugandan chimpanzee sanctuary she helped establish.

Gareth Johnston, Co-Founder Future Ready P/L, MD Live Local Foundation (Work and Community)  is an experienced sustainability leader with service on private, public and not for profit boards. Gareth enjoys working with corporate, government and community to develop sustainability and move towards resilience. Clients include technology developers, start ups, mature corporations and individual executives, emergent leaders, local government, community groups and NGOs.


What: Talking Sydney Unconference

When: Saturday, 12th Nov 2011, 10am – 4pm
Where: Level 21, AON/Maritime Trade Towers, 201 Kent St, Sydney, 2000
Who: People interested in or involved in design & social innovation
Why: To explore applying design practice to key problems in Sydney
Register here