Tell Better Stories: Join with @mikeyleung

At our recent joint event with the Community Brave Foundation – Social Media Day: Celebrating Diversity in Innovation – one of our inspiring speakers was Mikey Leung. He shared his passion for digital storytelling as a force for social good. You can find out more about his ideas at here, find out about,  and you can follow @MikeyLeung on Twitter.


Just letting you know that 1$day is 25 July 2012

We’re just letting folks know about 1$day fundraiser which is supporting Save the Children Australia in 2012:

Small change in the pocket adds up to big change on the ground as Australia ‘digs deep’ for One Dollar Day

The world’s simplest, most inclusive and affordable charitable fundraising event has launched its 2012 campaign with a message to every Australian: dig deep for $1 and collectively change a child’s life.

Acclaimed actor Susie Porter and celebrity chef Marion Grasby have signed up as ambassadors for the campaign, which will be held on Wednesday, July 25. But you don’t need to be a celebrity to be involved – you just need a spare dollar.

1$day co-founder and CEO Sophie Bartho said the event was dedicated to reducing the global inequities in children’s health and education.

“On one day we ask everyone in the world who can, to give just $1 for those who can’t,’’ Ms Bartho said. “Nothing could be easier. We are not selling merchandise, we are only asking for a simple donation of $1 from everyone. You don’t even have to dig deep.’’

“There are over 22 million people in Australia. If the majority of us who live above the poverty line can give just one dollar on one day of the year, the funds raised can be enormous.”

Last year’s inaugural 1$day raised over $55,000 and Save the Children Australia was chosen as principal recipient. The funds raised were used to build a new village health centre in Phieng District, Laos, which will serve over 11,750 people living in 11 surrounding villages, including nearly 5,000 children. The clinic opened this month, coinciding with the 2012 campaign launch.

Save the Children was chosen as the recipient again this year, with funds committed to two separate projects – one local and one global. They are an Aboriginal school attendance program in the Northern Territory, and water, sanitation and hygiene projects in Ethiopian schools.

Ms Bartho, a mother of three young children, said reducing inequities in children’s health and education was her core objective by enabling everyone to participate in the simple act of giving just $1 on one day.

“My children, just like me, were lucky enough to be born into a country at peace, and a community that educates and provides health care,’’ she said. “Not every child is that fortunate. As a mother, the thought of my children not going to school or not having access to basic sanitation and healthcare is horrifying. It’s just not acceptable to allow that to continue.’’

If you would like to donate to 1$day, become a 1$ Champion for your family, school, college, university or workplace or find out more about the programs that this year’s 1$day is supporting, go to

For more information or to arrange an interview call Daniel Clarke, Save the Children, on 0407 771 072 or Sophie Bartho, Cofounder and CEO, 1$Day Limited on 0411 191 141.

Huge thanks to everyone for celebrating Social Media Day with ‘Diversity in Innovation’ #smday

Thank you to everyone who joined in to make yesterday’s “Diversity in Innovation” event so special.  The guests who attended created a wonderful open and constructive environment and it was a great pleasure to see new connections being made.

Enormous thanks to all of our speakers. They were insightful, inspiring, thought-provoking, and knowledgeable. We really appreciate the time and effort that they put in, and the knowledge that they shared so openly with us!

We will be sharing links to some of the presentations and other resources mentioned during the talks – so watch this space!

And a big thank-you to our caterers, Rolls on Oxford, for a delicious and healthy lunch.

We are also grateful to the folks at Vibewire for hosting us at their Ultimo offices – it was a great venue and their onsite support was much appreciated.

Also my personal thanks to the indefatigable, Rami Mandow from The Community Brave Foundation, without whose boundless energy this event would not have been possible.