STUDIO NAENNA Sustainable Textiles, Fair Trade and Social Entrepreneurship.

Social Innovation Sydney hosts Studio Naenna

We recently hosted an event at COFA, UNSW with by Lamorna Cheesman from Studio Naenna a Sustainable Textiles Social Enterprise.

Founded by Patricia Cheesman in 1988, Studio Naenna brings together Karen hilltribe, Laotian and north east Thai weavers and Hmong embroiderers.  It creates awareness of and a market for the work of these women so they can realise their potential as income earners & respected members of their communities. Over 25 years Studio Naenna has evolved to become an exchange for knowledge of natural dyeing & other traditional textile techniques with master weaver, Viroy Nanthapoom, having taught over 40 young weavers in the silk ikat technique.

Patricia’s daughter, Lamorna, joined Studio Naenna in 2000  and is now the main clothing designer, working eco fabrics into modern fashions. She told us the story of this multigenerational social enterprise, the women who work in it and the incredible skills & techniques they use.