Social Innovation Sydney ceased activities in November 2017.

Social Innovation Sydney started in Australia with an un-conference in August 2010 and is evolving towards helping change makers connect with one another and building networks to drive social innovation in Australia.

We want to build human-to-human networks of people who care about creating ventures that do social good and create value for society above and beyond the bottom line.

We believe that it is possible to create successful ventures that make a profit and do social good too.

We want to connect people with ideas to people with skills so that they can create new ventures together.


Social Innovation Sydney was the brain-child of three women who wanted to help bring change makers and local activists together to share ideas and translate those ideas to action.

Co-founders Kate Carruthers, Selena Griffith, and Michelle Williams kicked things off in August 2010 with an unconference at the COFA (the College of Fine Arts), University of New South Wales in Paddington NSW.  The Hon. Bob Carr, former Premier of NSW, was kind enough to open the first unconference.

Since that time Social Innovation Sydney has hosted a number of events aimed at bringing changemaakers together such as: unconferences, startup camps, and film nights.

Social Innovation Sydney is focused on participant driven unconferences and events.  Our aim is to build community and networks for like-minded people to share ideas and create sustainable social innovations.

We are also proud to have a strong team of contributors, like Kim Chen, working with us from the early days.