Agenda for Get into Action Workshop – Turn your Social Innovation idea into a reality

  • Opening session – value of whole systems thinking and business model canvass introduction (Facilitator: Selena Griffith)
  • Visualisation methods for problem solving and ideas generation (Facilitator: Tim Tompson)
  • On brand – creating a strong, unified and consistent brand message for your stakeholders. (Facilitator: Ana Petrusevski)
  • Working lunch – preparing your pitch
  • Understanding your Stakeholders – Service Design (Facilitator: Selena Griffith)
  • Designing a social media strategy to build community (Facilitator: Kate Carruthers)
  • Pitch preparation (Facilitators: Ana Petrusevski, Selena Griffith, Kate Carruthers)

Get into Action – Turn your Social Innovation idea into a reality

Designing Social Innovation

Social innovation brings change and one profession ideally suited to delivering change is Design.

Designers have many useful and practical tools for research, analysis, design communication, insight, foresight and delivery.

Just us on Saturday 17th August 2013 for this event. We will start with a panel discussion from Sydney based change makers who are using design in their social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Participants will have the opportunity to pitch their social innovation / change maker ideas and network with possible collaborators.

It will also provide the opportunity to learn about different design tools and experiment with using them.

Eventbrite - Designing for change. Crafting Social innovation

Get into Action!

Turn your Social Innovation idea into a reality at the Designing for Social Innovation workshop.

Bring along your idea and team and we will help you to get ready for pitching.

Learn about:

  • Communicating your Social Innovation,
  • Planning the start up,
  • Developing support and community,
  • Structuring the enterprise and launch,
  • Funding strategies ..
  • and ..
  • Perfect your elevator Pitch in a real elevator!

Lunch will be provided, and we suggest that everyone bring a refillable water bottle.

We suggest a donation of $20 – $50 to attend this event to help us feed you and provide materials.

Eventbrite - Designing for change. Crafting Social innovation

Calling all changemakers! Register now for SIBSYD Unconference 22 June

Get heard and connected in June at SIBSYD Unconference

Saturday 22 June 2013 10am – 4pm

Got a great idea? Need help?
Got skills? Want to help a great idea happen?

Share your ideas and passions, and link with like-minded change makers at Social Innovation Sydney Unconference.

This full day event gives you the opportunity to:

  • pitch your social innovation ideas to an audience
  • meet other people who may like to join you in finding solutions
  • mix with other Sydney changemakers and Social Innovation community
  • hear new ideas and help work solutions
  • have great, random, meaningful conversations with strangers

Unconferences work a bit like this …

  • You rock up
  • There is a board with time slots allocated on it
  • You can put an idea / topic / session theme on the board that you would like to explore with others for 1/2 hr
  • Anyone can attend these sessions
  • Work out what pushes your buttons and attend those sessions
  • Enjoy good conversation over lunch
  • Rock up to more sessions
  • We have a round-up at the end of the day then you can decide whether to join us at the pub or head home to get started on making change happen!

We keep these events free so everyone can attend, however suggest at $20 donation for the day so we can give you a hearty lunch to keep you going through the afternoon and keep you filled with warm caffeinated beverages.

VIBEWIRE is calling all creative young innovators!

Our mates over at Vibewire have put out a call for young innovators…

“Do you have an idea that could change our future?

We’re putting the call out to changemakers (30 and under), who are working on or looking to launch creative projects with social impact, to apply to compete for $2, 000, an Innovation Lab Scholarship and other prizes at the Pitch the Future Event at the Vivid Festival of Ideas. See full list of prizes below.”

Vibewire is accepting applications til 5pm May 15.


Upcoming SIBSYD events – use the winter months to incubate new ideas!

blue skySIBSYD have the next 4 months planned to get you into social innovation and entrepreneurship. Take advantage of the colder months to incubate your social innovation / entrepreneurship.

MAY – Get inspired in May at THINK ACT CHANGE
Tuesday 14, 6.30

We are partnering with Avis from Think Act Change by joining the ‘How to change the world ‘part-time’ through Social Enterprise’ Panel. Come hear from change makers, just like you, who have taken the plunge and made great impact with their part time projects
You’ll need to book for this event! It’s filling up fast

JUNE – Get heard and connected in June at SIBSYD Unconference
Saturday 22 10am – 4pm

Got a great idea? Want to help make that great idea happen? Need help?
Share your ideas and passions, link with like minded change makers.

JULY – Get into Action – Turn your Social Innovation into an Entrepreneurship at the SIBSYD Boot-Camp
Bring along your idea and team and we will whip you into pitching shape. Learn about how to communicate your Social Innovation, fund the start up, develop support, structure the enterprise and launch.

AUGUST – Roll up those sleeves! DESIGN solutions for your Social Innovation / Enterprise at our special Sydney Design Social Innovation event DESIGNING FOR CHANGE. CRAFTING SOCIAL INNOVATION.
Learn how to use powerful Design Thinking, Social Design and Service Design tools for researching, planning and delivering in your Social Innovation.

JULY – Get into Action – Turn your Social Innovation into Entrepreneurship at the SIBSYD Boot-Camp

Social Innovation SydneyJoin us to help get your idea into Action:

Social Innovation Sydney Boot Camp
Saturday, 20 July 2013 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (EST)
Paddington, Australia

Bring along your idea and team and we will whip you into pitching shape.

Learn about how to communicate your Social Innovation, fund the start up, develop support, structure the enterprise and launch.


STUDIO NAENNA Sustainable Textiles, Fair Trade and Social Entrepreneurship.

Social Innovation Sydney hosts Studio Naenna

We recently hosted an event at COFA, UNSW with by Lamorna Cheesman from Studio Naenna a Sustainable Textiles Social Enterprise.

Founded by Patricia Cheesman in 1988, Studio Naenna brings together Karen hilltribe, Laotian and north east Thai weavers and Hmong embroiderers.  It creates awareness of and a market for the work of these women so they can realise their potential as income earners & respected members of their communities. Over 25 years Studio Naenna has evolved to become an exchange for knowledge of natural dyeing & other traditional textile techniques with master weaver, Viroy Nanthapoom, having taught over 40 young weavers in the silk ikat technique.

Patricia’s daughter, Lamorna, joined Studio Naenna in 2000  and is now the main clothing designer, working eco fabrics into modern fashions. She told us the story of this multigenerational social enterprise, the women who work in it and the incredible skills & techniques they use.

Event: Am I a Designer? Sydney 21 Feb 2013

Social Innovation Sydney and COFA present


travelling the world to discover the impact of design and entrepreneurship on poverty reduction

Free Public Lecture with Jeroen Spolestra and Boukje Vastbinder

Both passionate designers, educators, researchers and entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, they have spent the last few months travelling 8 countries across Asia, Africa and South America visiting entrepreneurial and design related projects that claim to contribute to poverty reduction. Asking people around the world (professionals, end-users etc.) about their opinions on design, entrepreneurship and poverty. Collecting data to support or refute these assumptions and possibly even contributing a little bit to poverty reduction by sharing their own knowledge through workshops, advice, design, business development etc.

They will be talking about their experiences so far asking  questions, meeting people, taking pictures, blogging, starting discussions, collaborating on real projects from both foreign and local companies, NGOs, enterprises and universities and enjoying all the beautiful landscapes & people they have met.

Sydney is the third stop on their trip and they are keen for the audience to ask questions, give feedback and enjoy the ride!

To learn more see

RSVP for free talk here

Deep Dive Dinner with Jeroen and Boukje

After their public lecture Jeroen Spolestra and Boukje Vastbinder will be our guests at an intimate dinner for 12. Join us for a deeper discussion on design, entrepreneurship, sustainability, travel and poverty alleviation while enjoying a 3 course progressive dinner.

Spaces are limited so you need to RSVP early. You can find more details for the Deep Dive Dinner here.

RSVP for Deep Dive Dinner with Jeroen and Boukje here

Event: Web Directions South 2012

If you’re a social innovator who’s thinking about creating a web based startup then you might check out Web Directions South this year – we’ve heard they have a Startup Track this time.

Web Directions South 2012

Sydney, October 18-19

If you work on the web, you’ll want to be in Sydney this October 18 and 19 for Web Directions South 2012.

Every year in October the whole Australian web industry gathers together in Sydney for two massive days of checking out the latest design and development techniques, approaches and thinking, a sneak peek at what’s just over the web horizon, a big dose of inspiration, and some great parties.

This year at Web Directions South we’ve added in a little extra something for all of you out there with dreams and ambitions. Alongside the Design, Development and Big Picture tracks, the new Startup Track will cover the decisions and challenges you’ll confront as you turn your idea into a business, and the inspiration you need to take the plunge.

Guest post: The Power of the Purse! by Yolanda Vega

Our guest post today is by Yolanda Vega, CEO of the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Yolanda shares some thoughts on gender, equity, and business. It is interesting to ponder the ‘power of the purse’.

“As a young journalism student the political influence of Australia’s few male media moguls was apparent; that was more than a quarter of a century ago.

When I graduated the industry leaders included Murdoch, Packer, Holmes à Court, Fairfax, Bond and Stokes. There wasn’t a woman in sight – not as an owner, nor as the head of any media group.

Today, we finally have a woman; Gina Rinehart who has in recent times become a shareholder of two large media groups (Fairfax and Network Ten).

The boys have, since the beginning of time, had a concentrated hold and complete dominance in television, radio and the Australian press. The media has influenced what we think, read, see, hear, believe and buy.

This is the primary reason as why women are continuously portrayed by the media in unacceptable sexist ways: men both provide the message and they are the messengers. Violence, sexually offensive, degrading, unflattering and demeaning images of women are delivered daily on all platforms.

It wasn’t until 2011 that Fairfax appointed its first female editor to the Sydney Morning Herald. Amanda Wilson was, and still is, the first and only female editor in Fairfax’s 180-year history.

To finally have a few women in this powerful male dominated space is encouraging, we might even get a different perspective of the world and start seeing a more positive focus on women; a view that shows women are great contributors to our economy and communities – it might even reduce violence against women and show future generations that ‘equality’ is not just a word.

Regardless of your political inclination, it is interesting to hear certain male politicians are requesting the media provide our first female Prime Minister with the same courtesies extended to her male predecessors. Bob Brown recently told journalists that: “the degree of relentless criticism on this Prime Minister coming from male commentators … is sexist and quite ridiculous at times.”

Research shows there is a pattern of misrepresentation, which “underestimates the economic role of women and automatically assigns them to a lower status and/or subordinate positions”. The visibility of powerful, successful and influential women in the media is limited and segregated, providing a totally distorted view of our society.

We need only look at the portrayal of women in sport to get a very clear picture of how the media represents men as strong, intelligent, powerful and confident and how women are valued primarily for their body, with no recognition of skill or intellect.

Ridiculous indeed and the portrayal of women across the board is absurd!

And so too is the recent outrage at Ms Rinehart’s business diversification.

I note that every time I read an article about Ms Rinehart, or hear about her business dealings on radio or television, she is referred to as “the daughter of the late mining magnate Lang Hancock”. This information is superfluous and it is not in the public interest!

Why is the father of the male billionaire constantly excluded and the father of the female billionaire continuously included? Blatant conscious sexism, perhaps?

The portrayal of successful women in, business, sport, politics and community should be equal to that of men, but it’s not and therefore not to be tolerated.

Our economy competes globally; women are great contributors, yet the archaic and demeaning portrayal of women as being weak, fragile, sex symbols and/or incompetent continues at an alarming level. Reporters, journalists, subeditors and editors are constantly breaching their code of ethics and nothing is done about it.

Women have the same rights as men in this country; it’s about time the media started reading their own code of ethics and start adhering to it, as well as observing our anti-discrimination laws.

Any and every woman in this country, irrespective of financial or political status, has the right to do business in any industry she wants. If Ms Rinehart has decided to play in the boys’ media sandpit it is her democratic right to do so and should have the right to keep her family private emails private.

You as a consumer (women make more than 80% of consumer decisions) have the power of the purse and you can influence and affect this and every other business. Remember if women stop buying, the economy will stop dead in its tracks.

Next time you buy something, ask yourself ‘whom am I giving my money to and who will reap the benefits of my hard earned cash?’.”