About Social Innovation Sydney

Flavour Crusader team at Social Innovation SydneySocial Innovation Sydney helps change makers connect with one another and building networks to drive social innovation in Australia.

We want to build human-to-human networks of people who care about creating ventures that do social good and create value for society above and beyond the bottom line.

We believe that it is possible to create successful ventures that make a profit and do social good too.

We want to connect people with ideas to people with skills so that they can create new ventures together.


Free event: Building the sharing economy workshop: Anatomy of a startup

Are you curious about what the ‘sharing economy’ is?

Maybe you’re hoping to get in there and participate? Maybe you’re already on the road! Join us for this free event as part of the Changemakers Festival.
SIXAUS Changemakers Festival

This workshop is designed to appeal to all of you. It will explore a range of legal and business issues for startups in the sharing economy. It will provide both practical take-aways and open-ended creative brainstorming.

Hosted by Social Innovation Sydney and facilitated by UNSW staff who are involved in both research and practical support services related to the sharing economy, there will be three sessions.

  1. One will use business as a starting point, looking at startups in the sharing economy and the challenges of gathering both social and financial resources.
  2. One will use law as a starting point, looking at different legal structures, sources of legal advice, responses to harm and the blurry line between gift and contract.
  3. The final session will blend these perspectives, working through specific or experiences of the participants.

So bring along those experiences and your thoughts and join us! You will get the most out of this workshop if you’re ready to workshop an idea with the group.

But if you’d just like to sit up the back in listen-and-learn mode that’s fine too. Light refreshments will be provided. Numbers are limited to allow for interaction so book now!

Facilitated by

This event is part of the SIXAUS Changemakers Festival

Get into Action – Turn your Social Innovation idea into a reality

Designing Social Innovation

Social innovation brings change and one profession ideally suited to delivering change is Design.

Designers have many useful and practical tools for research, analysis, design communication, insight, foresight and delivery.

Just us on Saturday 17th August 2013 for this event. We will start with a panel discussion from Sydney based change makers who are using design in their social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Participants will have the opportunity to pitch their social innovation / change maker ideas and network with possible collaborators.

It will also provide the opportunity to learn about different design tools and experiment with using them.

Eventbrite - Designing for change. Crafting Social innovation

Get into Action!

Turn your Social Innovation idea into a reality at the Designing for Social Innovation workshop.

Bring along your idea and team and we will help you to get ready for pitching.

Learn about:

  • Communicating your Social Innovation,
  • Planning the start up,
  • Developing support and community,
  • Structuring the enterprise and launch,
  • Funding strategies ..
  • and ..
  • Perfect your elevator Pitch in a real elevator!

Lunch will be provided, and we suggest that everyone bring a refillable water bottle.

We suggest a donation of $20 – $50 to attend this event to help us feed you and provide materials.

Eventbrite - Designing for change. Crafting Social innovation

Free talk: Bruce Piasecki – Doing More With Less, Thursday 2 August 2012

NY Times best selling author of Doing More with Less, Bruce Piasecki is in Australia for a short time and has kindly allowed us to host a talk and Q and A session titled:

‘Doing More with Less: Innovation Routes for Families and Firms in a Swift and Severe World’

Bruce will be covering cases and examples he has seen of successful innovation, adaptation and response to change and the need to shift toward more sustainable approaches.

You will have the opportunity to hear of the work he has been doing with Toyota, Shaw industries, FMC and other enterprises, innovation labs, and individuals.

He’s excited to be connecting with Social Innovators in Australia and looking forward to hearing ideas from Aussie social innovators.

Venue: COFA Paddington
Time: 7.00 p.m.
Date: Thursday, 2nd August 2012

>>Free Registration Here

Opening speaker & logistics for Social Innovation Sydney Unconference 12 May

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the unconference tomorrow.


We will be kicking off at 10am in Central Lecture Block (E19) with a talk about Social Innovation as Storytelling from Davy Knittle

Bio: Davy Knittle – is a 2011-2012 Thomas J. Watson Fellow at work on a project entitled: Cities in Transition – Identity, Narrative and the Changing Urban Landscape. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Wesleyan University, and a documentary poet whose work can be found in Swink, 580 Split, Euphony and Radius, among others. In Sydney, he is conducting research with Food Connect and with the City of Sydney’s Cycling Team.  You can find Davy on Twitter @versetheft

Social Innovation as Storytelling

Each resident of an urban community relies on a key set of spaces, people and experiences to define their city within the greater expanse of the urban framework. Those experiences – in grocery stores, in school playgrounds and at frequently traveled intersections help those residents to tell stories about who they are and how they contribute to their community. When new features become part of their regular practice of urban life, the story they use to explain and guide themselves changes. As we develop social enterprises that rely on drawing in and retaining new constituent communities, how do we build ourselves into the central story held by an individual? a family? a community? How can we use the principles of storytelling to develop and maintain new, strong communities as we expand the client base of our social enterprises?


A few logistics items to cover:

  • At 10am the opening session will be at the UNSW Kensington Central Lecture Block – Building E19 (see pdf map here)
  • From 11am the remaining sessions will continue over at the UNSW Design Studios – Matthews Building F23
  • We will break for lunch at 12.30pm
  • We expect to wrap up the day at about 4pm
  • Please bring your own water bottle (coffee is available nearby if you need it)

If you get lost or need help getting in please Tweet to @sibsyd & we’ll come and find you

Interesting: The Naked Brand Film

This is an important topic for our times! And it is an issue that has driven discussion and thinking at Social Innovation Sydney from the beginning. This film confronts the new reality facing brands in a world where transparency is there, whether they like it or not.

Bad Companies Can’t Hide Behind Great Ads Anymore

They can’t abuse the environment and tell us they’re green, hide corruption behind a clever headline, or sell the same old junk as new and improved. We’re just not buying it.

Now we have constant access to information that tells the truth about the products we use and the ethics of the companies behind them—and that changes everything.

In The Naked Brand, veteran ad man Jeff Rosenblum turns an introspective eye on the corporate world. He shines a spotlight on brands that say one thing and deliver another, asking industry luminaries the question that’s on everybody’s mind: now what?”
Source: The Naked Brand Trailer

Check out The Naked Brand Film website or watch the trailer:


The Naked Brand Trailer from EnricoPavia on Vimeo.

Thanks to Mark Pesce for sending through the link.

Into Collaborative Consumption, Networking, High Tea? Then here’s an #IWD event for you

The folks over at 10thousandgirl have just let us know about their International Women’s Day event that’s on this coming weekend:

You are invited to a giant clothes swap to raise funds for women living in poverty. Join us for a day of fashion, fun and high tea – and make a difference in honour of International Women’s Day!
The 10thousandgirl Opp Swap combines the opportunity to rejuvenate your wardrobe through a clothes swap market (Remember: one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!), to network and connect with other women, and making a contribution to women’s economic empowerment globally by donating to Opportunity International.
What: Giant Clothes Swap Market, High Tea and Networking!
Where: Studio 10, 10-14 Kensington St, Chippendale 2008.
When: Sunday 4th March 2012.
10:30-11.30am- drop off your clothes, pick up your coupons.
11:30-12:00- settle in for a delectable high tea and hear from inspirational women
12:00-3:30pm-Ready set SWAP!
2:30- for latecomers grab a final bargain before the event closes at 3:30pm
How does it work? 
It works by people bringing good quality items of clothing they no longer wear and are willing to swap for garments brought by other guests.
  1. Start thinking about your men’s and women’s clothing and accessories that could go to a new home. Think about what value group they may fall into – Bargain Bin, $5, $10 or $20.
  2. Register prior to the event and all we ask is that you make a small donation to Opportunity International. This could be anything you can give to support women in developing countries – perhaps $5 or $10, the average is about $20 but if you can give more, then good on you! You can also register and donate on the day.
  3. Bring your clothing in on the day, receive tokens for each item, and then you’re able to exchange your tokens for the garments that take your fancy!
Red coupon = to the value of $20 (for example cocktail dresses, high-level brands)
Yellow coupon = to the value of $10 (shorts, shirts, shoes, good condition)
Blue coupon = to the value of $5 (accessories, t-shirts, ‘well-loved’ condition)
Even if you don’t have clothes to swap, come along on the day and pay cash for your finds! Passers-by are welcome!